Personal Narrative - A Hasty Decision Essay

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A Hasty Decision

When I turned eighteen I went out and began renting my very own apartment. The effort I put into this task at the time seemed sufficient. I went online, found a place I liked with good location and low rent. I asked my good friend Sean to live with me to help keep costs down. Then I took care of all the utilities, gas electric, cable, phone, internet, and all the necessities. My first apartment gave me some very rough times, but from that time I learned a little about apartments and a lot about life.

Things were going great for Sean and I. we had been living on our own in Tera Vida Apartments for three months and we were getting along swell. The only occasional dispute was when we would rock, paper, scissors to
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He quit because his fried Sarah told him he could get a better job that paid more too! He quit as soon as she told him. It took him about two week to realize he was not going to get this better job and he now could not afford rent. Since Sean was unemployed a cash advance was not an option nor was a small loan. I did not have enough money to help him and since his spending habits sucked he had no savings, we were screwed. Dale, Sean’s’ dad offered to pay his rent for one more month if he moved home. Left with no choice he moved home and then there was one.

One problem solved but now I was alone and I could not afford the two bed two bath alone. I had to find a new roommate fast. I decided to put out the word and asked everyone I knew.

Dick, a guy I had known for a long time but not very well said he needed a place right away and could move in that day. I was so excited; I did not think and helped him move right in. If I had stopped to think and not rushed the following would never had happened.

When Sean left I kept his name on the lease so I would not get evicted. When Dick moved in I did not ask him to sign on a lease because I rushed to get him in the apartment. When I did ask him to sign he told me, “a prior eviction,” would keep him from being eligible on a lease. He said he would have no trouble with rent and that was the end of that discussion. Dick was moved in and I did not worry. I should have, because about two months later I can home and Dick was

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