Personal Experience: Southern Island Princess Essay example

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America is called the melting pot because of the diverse people and cultures that makes up our beautiful country. My parent were raised in different cultures and surroundings. Raised in Turks and Caicos, my mom grew up on a tiny island in the British Islands. My dad is a southern gentlemen who was raised in a petite town named Bennettsville South Carolina. Somehow my parents met, and had four wonderful children, of course, I am the oldest of them. My parent never gave up their heritage; on the other hand, they found a balance for my siblings and I to get a true understand of each of my parents back ground when it came to family traditions and views about education and discipline. My family on both sides believe in having traditional …show more content…
Everyone loves the feeling of family competition, but in the south we compete with card games like 21 Black Jack or the most popular Spades. My mothers’ family are in love with games that exercise the brain like Jeopardy or Family Feud. Although, each event have different festivities, I can say the only thing that matters is a family bonding time. Education is the one of the most treasured achievements my parents held at a high expectation. Both of them expressed how it is important to receive a degree, which both attended college. My mom was the only one who has received a bachelors. My dad loved attending college. Because of his manly duties to his family, he had to drop out to support our household. His family believes in taking care of responsibilities before education. Many of my father’s siblings haven’t steeped their foot on a college campus. Needless to say education is secondary. Opposite side, my mom’s family places a college education as a necessity and not an option. My mother and all her siblings have their degrees. It wasn’t easy because my grandfather held a stern hand, everyone in our family understand he will not take anything less from a college education, even if they could not feed themselves while attending. Feeling the constant pressure from my granddad my mom came to the agreement with my father we would not have to be pushed into our adult decision about college, but to make our own paths in life. They understood not everyone is ready

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