Personal Evaluation Notebook 11.2 Essay

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The body and mind are a whole system and is realized that everything is connected. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, limiting animal fat, cutting down on sugar and taking multivitamins supplement every day will help maintain your ideal weight and gives you energy.

Personal Evaluation Notebook 11.2
Reviewing Your Health
Read the following and write your comments o the lines provided.
1. Do you maintain your ideal weight? If not, what can you do to achieve your ideal weight?
Yes, I always seem to maintain my body. My body weight hasn’t really changed over the years.
2. Describe a few of your healthy eating habits.
I mainly eat organic foods, like fruits, vegetables, and chicken. I don’t really going out to eat. I usually stay
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I never hit the snooze button, because I set an alarm for a reason. Whether I’m going to class or going to work, I have somewhere to be and I have responsibilities. When I have nowhere to go I sleep in and relax.
3. What prevents you from getting enough rest?
There are times where I stay up studying and there are others times when I just can’t sleep. Sometimes I stay up and watch movies or catch up on my TV shows that I’ve missed during the week.
4. Besides sleep, what activities can renew your body and spirit?
I taking a shower in the morning, eating my favorite foods, hanging out with my friends, and just having normal good day usually renews me.

Committing to Exercise
Read the following and write your comments on the lines provided.
1. Describe your current commitment to exercising your body.
Whether it’s walking to campus, working out at the gym or practicing at the circus. I exercise multiple times a day, everyday.
2. What are your excuses for not exercising? What can you do to overcome these barriers?
I don’t have any excuses for working out.
3. Set your exercise goal.
I would keep my current exercise schedule the same.
Stress Performance Test
I scored a 37 on the Stress Performance Test. The test results say that I’m a Persistent coper. It means I cope and handle stress in most situations, but I have difficulty coping and feel overwhelmed sometimes.

Creating balance, managing stress, increasing

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