Essay about Performance Based Planning and Programing

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Introduction 1
Figure 1. PBPP in Traditional planning and programming processes. 2
Performance Management in Planning 2
Using a Performance Based Approach 3
Figure 2. Funding vs. Condition 4
Stakeholders and the Public 4
Goals and Objectives 5
Figure 3. National Goals 6
Figure 4. Mississippi’s Core Goals 6
Strategies and Alternatives 7
Figure 5. Overview of Performance based Planning 8
Data and Analysis 8
Figure 6. Traffic Fatalities 9
Figure 7. Performance with Congestion 10
Conclusion 10
References 12

Introduction What is Performance based planning and programming? “Performance-based planning and programming (PBPP) refers to the application of performance management principles within the
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Performance based planning and programming can date back to 1951 when O’Harrow first realized that this can be implemented into aspects of the transportation. Many other approaches for using performance based planning came into development showing the importance of using the PBPP approach.
MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century) has made performance based approaches a requirement in, nonmetropolitan, metropolitan, and statewide transportation planning. The Figure below shows a PBPP process in correlation with traditional planning and programming processes. This shows how well PBPP can be implemented in the planning process of a project in the transportation field. The Figure also shows what questions need to be asked when thinking about the planning process, programming, and implementation and Evaluation. Below Figure 1 shows the PBPP process within a traditional planning process. This Figure shows how easy it is to implement this process into everyday actions and how it will also enhance the project.
Figure 1. PBPP in Traditional planning and programming processes. This requirement of Performance based planning and programming will help to improve transportation in the long run. This PBPP process involves looking at every area of a project and determining if certain areas can be improved or changed to develop a better outcome for each activity.
Performance Management in Planning
Transportation agencies have

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