Perceptions on the Use of Lethal Force Essay

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In society today we see and hear a lot about the use of lethal force. Law Enforcement and the public perceive the use of lethal force in many different ways. Sometimes these opinions cause chaos within society and law enforcement agencies. In this paper there will be an analysis of how perceptions on the use of lethal force varies between the public and law enforcement agencies whether it be local, state, or government agencies. To start off, what exactly is considered lethal force in todays society? “Lethal force can be defined as the use of physical force, used under certain circumstances. The use of physical force can cause death or seriously injure the person. The only way to justify the use of lethal force would be if there …show more content…
Law enforcement officers believe that they were very well trained for an event that may cause them to use lethal force, but they were not trained or prepared for the after math. They also felt that during the period where there was an investigation they were being targeted as the center of the investigation. The public are not the only people concerned with the use of lethal force, so are some law enforcement officers. In Miami, Florida Police Officers are not longer allowed to take their guns out of the holster unless they are going to fire them. The Officers were then outfitted in taser guns, which has helped the department lower there average of shootings. Miami’s 1,100 officer had gone a whole year without firing a shot at civilians. Chief Timoney had stated that “Initially, there was some minor resistance” (Dewan, 2004) to the new policy about withdrawing their weapons. After the amazing results the Chief also stated that “They can’t believe that they went a full year. They’re very proud.” (Dewan, 2004) Greenfield Police Chief Joe Grebmeier thinks differently then Chief Timoney. Chief Grebmeier believes that although tasers have saved lives they should not be categorized as non-lethal weapons. He also states that “I hammer it in - - anytime you rase a guy, you might kill him. A baton is also a deadly weapon - - these things all fit into a continuum of force. I tell officers when you see these things,

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