Peer Pressure on Teenagers Essay

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Have you ever stopped and realized that 30% of teenagers have shoplifted, over half of all teens will experiment with alcohol, and 40% have tried drugs all due to peer pressure? Also, did you know that the majority of teens with substance abuse problems, began using drugs or alcohol, as a result of peer pressure. This is bare proof that it needs to be taken more seriously because it is influencing people of all ages’ lives, every single day. I personally do not think any individual should ever feel pressured into something they are not comfortable with, or ever feel uncomfortable with their surroundings. Peer pressure is an extremely powerful thing, but also something we have complete power over. We all need to work together as a …show more content…
There can also be physical peer pressure, like I said before, 30% of people have shoplifted all due to this. Also, the majority of teens with a substance abuse problem resulted from peer pressure. Temptations, taunts, and threats can really hurt someone, or put them in a dangerous situation. There is also a lot of insecurity due to wanting to fit it in but not deal with the emotional as well as the physical side of peer pressure. Kids might feel as if giving into peer pressure will just magically solve their problems, but that is incorrect, in reality, it will just cause more problems.
There are two types of peer pressure, spoken and unspoken. Spoken pressure is something that is said directly towards you that puts a lot of pressure on you. An example of this would be, “just try one, it won’t hurt you”, or “are you scared? You’re a wimp.” This pressure usually puts you in a place where it is hard to say no. Then, there is unspoken pressure, which is the act of assuming you are supposed to dress or act a certain way because everyone else is doing it, and it’s “the popular thing” to do. An example of this is thinking to yourself, “well they are doing it, so I guess I should too.” Peer pressure may be very tempting and powering, but you always have the ability to make the right choices. Chances are, if a situation feels wrong, then it is most likely wrong.

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