Pay Day: Greed in Professional Sports Essay

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Ever watched ESPN and seen a report about a baseball player signing a five year contract worth 150 million dollars? Now, with a little math, one would come to realize that that contract means that baseball player will make a bit less than 30 million dollars in that five year period. That is ridiculous. Why do professional baseball players as well as professional athletes in general make so much money just to play a game that little kids play to stay out of trouble? It is because people pay them to play, athletes unions that, for a large part, are used to force team owners to pay them such a high salary, and businesses pay them to advertise their products. Players do not deserve the money they receive. There are people who do much …show more content…
Those sales should go to the city the athletes are representing or to all those charities these people seem to have. Fans are literally and indirectly paying athletes to play. This is one reason why the average salary for NBA players is 5.15 million dollars (Aschburner). The athletes are paid enough; they do not need the money from ticket sales. However, in the players’ defense, owners spend too much on them. Team owners are constantly competing for the best competitive edge they can get for their teams. Millions of dollars are spent on one or two players that owners feel will benefit their respective teams. Players are constantly signing contracts and contract extensions which are always raising their overall salaries. “Sports are intended to be a competition between front offices as to which organization can out-spend all others to court the biggest stars” (Walter). Nevertheless, the really valuable players have had the opportunity to be paid so much that “…the average earnings of the athletes (on the top 50 highest paid athletes list) is 24.3 million dollars” (Freedman). It is amazing, then, how these athletes still want more money after all of that. The largest reason that athletes get paid so much is that most leagues have labor unions, also called players’ unions when referring to sports. “Unions function as labor cartels. A labor cartel restricts the number of workers in a company or industry

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