Parental Responsibility in the Regulation of Violent Video Games

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One of the fastest growing sectors in the United States economy, with sales over six billion dollars in 2012 is the video gaming industry ("Games: Improving the Economy’). Technical innovation has given the video industry power to create exciting realistic worlds, turning video games into the vast entertainment business that it is today. Setting sales records, Violent Video Games (VVG) are now a common staple in many households. One of the most argued topics in media studies, investigation on the impact violence has on society from mass media continues to rage on. Parents look to the media for reliable studies to confirm or distinguish the effects VVG has on children. Even more menacing than violence on television or in movie theaters, VVG …show more content…
However, critics insists that parental control is the only way to keep unsuitable material away from teens. Parents must be morally responsible and involved in controlling what type of media influences children are exposed to.
SUMMARY #1 (with long quote) In the article “Children and Violent Video Games” Dr. Phillip McGraw educates the reader on the effects VVG games on children. Dr. McGraw is a distinguished mental health professional, author, and holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the University of North Texas. His article stresses that VVG implants morals in children that are not conducive to a productive society. Dr. McGraw asserts:
If you shoot somebody in one of these games, you don't go to jail, you don't get penalized in some way — you get extra points!" This doesn't mean that your child will go out into the world and shoot someone. "But they do use more aggressive language, they do use more aggressive images, they have less ability to control their anger and they externalize things in these violent ways. It's absolutely not good. (McGraw)
Dr. McGraw enlightens the audience that according the American Psychological Association, playing VVG can increase aggression in children. A correlation between playing violent video games and decreased sensitivity to peers is observed. Dr. McGraw explains that children are exposed to violence that is portrayed as

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