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Parent Trap

Then title of this article suggests a few things to me. That being a young single mother is like falling into a hole, everything about the situation forms a vicious circle holding the girl down and preventing her from reaching a stable point from which to live her life. It is semantically quite a negative phrase that suggests perhaps something that will leave a gap in a person's experience that can never be filled. Finally I am minded of an extreme long-term commitment that is often combined with a lack of opportunities.

The government, as portrayed in this article, forms a social group consisting of upper/upper middle class men and women mainly in the conservative party. Their
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In terms of opportunity these norms would greatly reduce the single mothers prospects, opportunities and career chances in life. As the government is generally obeyed their values would be expressed through the norms of good law abiding peoples, so cutting down the mothers' social opportunities.

The welfare agencies and care groups think that young mothers should be treated with respect, have access to education and training, be provided with appropriate services such as crèches, are entitled to an income that will sustain them, and have equal rights to those of the rest of humanity. Their values affect the norms of societies more accepting, "left wing" people. Those that are already support various charities' actions and would in most cases accept a single mother as a person rather than a housing list queue jumper. Their norms become accordingly more accepting to the mothers' so allowing more opportunity for success in life, with more support.

The single mothers values are generally that their child is important, that for whatever reason abortion is unacceptable and that they should be allowed/able to bring their own child up without

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