Pain Management in Post-Operative Joint Replacement Patient Essay

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Patient Population or Disease After surgical joint replacement patients need pain management and analgesia because there is an increased amount of pain and stimuli that are usually not painful suddenly become bothersome (Scholz & Yaksh, 2010). For rehabilitation of the joint to occur, the patient must undergo physiotherapy. This therapy includes strengthening the joint and its surrounding muscles. If an intolerable amount of pain is present, the

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The age group of the patients included in this study will be aged 40 years and above. This study will not be gender specific, therefore both male and female participants will be involved. Ethnicity is not a criterion that will be considered in this study. Effective pain management for acute rehabilitation purposes is the concern of this paper. After the surgical replacement of joints, there has to be intense rehabilitation of the new joint, to achieve optimum functionality of that joint (Zeni Jr, 2010). “Physical therapists, therefore, can tailor rehabilitation regimens to maximize early postoperative self-efficacy” (Zeni Jr, 2010). Pain is a major variable in this post-operative period and therefore has to be managed so that the patient can perform the necessary strengthening exercises needed to achieve full function of the recently replaced joint (Zeni Jr, 2010). Some Physical therapists complain of over sedation or of pain that is intense and inhibitory to their sessions in some of their patients in their acute rehabilitation sessions (Zeni Jr, 2010). As a result of ineffectively managed pain, these clients spend an extended time in rehabilitation while some might even develop complications related to untimely rehabilitation of the replaced joint (Zeni Jr, 2010). The focus of this paper is to determine whether routinely scheduled pain management will provide better outcomes and shorter rehabilitation time in
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