Essay Overview of Endangered Species

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Endangered species are rare or threatened plants or animals that are rapidly vanishing and becoming extinct. This means they are plants and animals that now exist in only small numbers and soon may be gone forever unless whatever is causing this to occur changes. Maybe as humans, we need to cherish these plants and animals as much as we cherish our material possessions, as after all these may be the most valuable treasures for all of mankind.
According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (“IUCN”) there are 6 categories of endangered animals:
• Extinct meaning no living member of a particular species on earth.
• Critically endangered which is the highest risk category for wild species and means these animals are
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Human Use
Some animals are endangered because they are killed for human use, whether for food or other reasons, such as for medicines, cultural or religious beliefs, or for parts of the animal seen as valuable. For example, parts of the tiger used in Asian superstition are the tiger claws, which are believed to protect a child from dark spirits, tiger whiskers which are seen as a poison in Malaysia, an aphrodisiac in Indonesia and something to assist women in childbirth in India and the middle east. The bones, fat, liver and genitalia of the tiger are considered medicines too.
Rhinoceros’ are illegally killed for their horns, which remarkably are worth up to $18,000 a pound. In Asia, mainly in China, the rhinoceros horn is a very valuable medicine and is seen to have healing properties. Some species like the Javan Rhino is near extinction and is estimated that only 35-45 rhinos are remaining in the wild. The Javan Rhino has been thought to have the same future as the Western Black Rhino, which was said to be extinct, caused by poaching.
Some animals such as elephants are used for food. Many elephants are killed each day in the Congo for their meat and ivory which is very valuable. Not only are elephants used for meat and ivory, they are also used for labour work and industrial uses. Elephants get forced to drag heavy items like machines and logs for

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