Overdependence on Technology Essay examples

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Technology is making our life easier than before, but are we getting too much dependent on it? Technology is getting improved by past decades. It has become a part and parcel in everyday life. Without it, people would have a lot of trouble to keep pace with the whole world. At the same time, todays new generations incredibly dependent on it. They do not want to use their brain as there are lots of search engines they can easily access and can find out what they want. Technology creates problems about pollution and global warming and at the same time people are using technology to reduce these problems. Overdependence on technology is harmful for humans’ existence because it creates addiction that makes people inactive, decrease job …show more content…
They are becoming inactive both physically and mentally. They cannot memories their phone numbers anymore. Even they have forgotten how to use graphical maps and how to solve basic mathematical problems. In that case they are becoming so much dependent on internet. In her same article, Tara Parker-Pope maintained that , “In a study to be published in the journal Cyberpshychology, Behavior and Social Networking, researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia subjected 173 college students to tests measuring risk for problematic Internet and gambling behaviors. About 5 percent of the students showed signs of gambling problems, but 10 percent of the students posted scores high enough to put them in the at-risk category for Internet “addiction.” (Parker-Pope, “An Ugly Toll of Technology: Inpatients”). Tara Parker-Popes theory of internet addiction is extremely useful because it sheds insight on the difficult problems of overly depending on technology. Her basic argument is that sometimes it can be more dangerous than gambling. Technology is making people inactive; on the other hand new technologies are taking place of the people. Uses of technology in many sectors of industries cause the rise of unemployment. Applying technology in workplace has changed many complicated jobs to so easy task. Once a specific tusk would take many hours to complete, but with the help of technology now it can be possible to complete

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