Overall Health and Fitness Club Industry Status of the Overall Industry

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OVERALL HEALTH AND FITNESS CLUB INDUSTRY STATUS OF THE OVERALL INDUSTRY The fitness industry was established between the 1970s and the 1980s, the popular trend then was running and aerobics. Later, it the 1990s, club membership started which contributed to an enormous period of growth in fitness centers in the 2000s. The International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) show that as of 2013, 41 million Americans are now members of a health club. Just about half of the members

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This can be accomplished by recruiting, training, and retaining professional employees. It is vital for the employees to communicate effectively within themselves and with the clients to provide professional customer service.

Another important factor in determining the success is the location of the facility. The location includes both the geographical location of the facility as well as its interior design. This embodies the notion of “curbside appeal”, the facility should be appealing to the general public in order to attract clients. Further, the interior design and layout of the facility is important. A spacious facility is desired to allow sufficient space for the equipment’s and for the client to exercise comfortably. High windows and an exciting atmosphere additionally lead to the success of the company and the facility. On an even broader level, a successful entrepreneur will customize the programming to fit the demographics and needs of the community in that specific location.

Furthermore, the company needs to be aware of the current trends in the market. This requires a lot of commitment and planning. Thus, careful research and planning will enable the company to make effective and efficient decisions about the right-sizing, budget, and financing of the facility. Another important factor is the effective marketing of the
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