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Curtain Speech was that the Soviets felt it was meant to ‘sow seeds of

dissension among the Allied states’; the Soviets still considered the

Western powers as Allies.

2. Truman Doctrine (1947)

- Open and direct confrontation of Soviets

Calls the Soviets: ‘political oppression’, ‘suppression of personal

freedoms’, ‘evil’

- Policy of US to support people who resist attempted subjugation by

‘outside pressure’ which meant the Soviets

- The need to assist the ‘free’ people

- Sees the Soviet as the enemy.

- The first concrete and coherent American foreign policy towards the


USSR Reaction: No immediate official response from the Soviet

government. However, a few months later, the Soviet ‘Two Camps Speech’

emerged stating Soviet stand. It stated officially that the USSR was

anti- democracy. Also the need to prevent Western powers’ desire to

dominate the world was emphasized; therefore the policy of cooperation

between the Socialist and Liberal parties would cease to exist.

Communist parties in Western European countries were told to adopt

militant anti-government stance.

3. Berlin Blockade (1948- 49)

- Soviet response to the merging of Western zones in Germany to form

West Germany

- Also seen as a symbol of the Cold War between USSR and
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