Outline of Essay About the Origins of the Cold War

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Outline of Essay About the Origins of the Cold War OUTLINE: Introduction- 1. Definition of ‘Cold War’ and the Powers involved 2. Perceived definition of ‘start of Cold War’ 3. Iron Curtain Speech, Truman Doctrine and Berlin Blockade as significant events that caused strife between both powers, but which triggering off the start of the Cold War Body- 1. Iron

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Response to Iron
Curtain Speech was that the Soviets felt it was meant to ‘sow seeds of
dissension among the Allied states’; the Soviets still considered the
Western powers as Allies.

2. Truman Doctrine (1947)

- Open and direct confrontation of Soviets

Calls the Soviets: ‘political oppression’, ‘suppression of personal
freedoms’, ‘evil’

- Policy of US to support people who resist attempted subjugation by
‘outside pressure’ which meant the Soviets

- The need to assist the ‘free’ people

- Sees the Soviet as the enemy.

- The first concrete and coherent American foreign policy towards the

USSR Reaction: No immediate official response from the Soviet
government. However, a few months later, the Soviet ‘Two Camps Speech’
emerged stating Soviet stand. It stated officially that the USSR was
anti- democracy. Also the need to prevent Western powers’ desire to
dominate the world was emphasized; therefore the policy of cooperation
between the Socialist and Liberal parties would cease to exist.
Communist parties in Western European countries were told to adopt
militant anti-government stance.

3. Berlin Blockade (1948- 49)

- Soviet response to the merging of Western zones in Germany to form
West Germany

- Also seen as a symbol of the Cold War between USSR and
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