Our Universe is Unbelievably Massive Essay

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Our Universe Literature Review Our Universe is essentially, everything that we can touch, sense, feel, detect, or measure. Under this ‘umbrella’ are living things (humans, plants, animals, etc.), stars, planets, galaxies, even time and light. Prior to the birth of the Universe, space, time, and matter were nonexistent. It is entirely possible that somewhere out there, a near-parallel Earth could exist where a practically identically version of you is reading this exact article on a piece of paper with a candle light.
Our Universe Explained
Our Universe is unbelievably massive. It would take over a million years to reach the sun, and even longer to cross our Milky Way galaxy. The exact size of our Universe is unknown, simply due
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In relation to that, the mathematical laws of quantum physics indicates not only how the future enters our present time, but also how our minds have the potential to “sense” the existence and presence of parallel universes. Author Fred Wolf believes that mathematics truly can describe reality, provided to us by the new parallel universe theory.
A Parallel Universe
A parallel universe is an unimaginable concept to consider. In short, a parallel universe or an alternative universe it is a hypothetical separate reality that coexists with our own universe (Halpurn). To put it into perspective, a parallel universe is one where the very laws of our known universe and nature are completely different or even cease exist. The Law of Motion could be one example of a law of nature that is undeniable. However, it is completely possible for this parallel universe to not have it. Different universes can also be placed into specific groups, called a “multiverse” (Halpurn). The multiverse can be described as a theory in which our known universe is not the only one in existence. It actually states that many universes may exist parallel to our own and each other. Indications that Parallel Universes Exist Anyone who has ever gazed into a mirror has thought about the twisted side that could exist on the other side of it. Similarly, most people have also gazed into

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