Essay about Origins and Definitions of Quality of Life

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Origins and Definitions of Quality of Life According to Edwards (n.d) the concept of Quality of Life (QOL) originally became popular in the 1960s. Its original applications were restricted to income, nutrition, and shelter. Many people commonly referred to it was “satisfaction with life” or asking if your life was “as good as someone else's life.” Research has worked to narrow QOL down to a more specific definition and to a definition that specifically deals with Healthcare Related Quality of Life (HRQOL). According to Armstrong and Caldwell (2004) HRQOL started to acquire a definition in the 1970s, but really was narrowed down in the last two decades to become the definition that is used by healthcare professionals today. What sprouted …show more content…
HRQOL can also be discussed on a wider scale, instead of just an individual level. In that case it would include policies, practices, conditions, public health policies, and the health partners that are available in this community. The two definitions of HRQOL have become vital tools for health surveillance and indicators of service needs in a community. (Center of Disease Control, 2011, March 17) These two definitions will be used extensively in the analysis of Gotham City's growing problem. There is a method to measure QOL, considering research cannot be trusted unless it has a reliable measuring system. There was a set standard developed during the 1990s by the Division of Adult and Community Health in collaboration with other organizations, such as Disability Prevention Program, Women's Health Program, National Center for Health Statistics Questionnaire Development Research Lab, and Epidemiology Program Office. It is a “compact set of measures” that states and communities can use. The name of this system is the Healthy Days measures, which is a set of questions that gauges a patient's perceived health status and activity limitation. This is the generally used measurement in the studies that are used in HRQOL research studies (Center of Disease Control, 2011, March 17).
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