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Original Writing The light shone through the curtains emitting a soft peaceful glow from the designs on its fabric, with my head aching and my eyes barely open I peered through a carving on the curtain and squinted my eyes to see if the weather had changed from its usual continuous downpour, my expectations were drowned and revived for it was dry but frost had added it's touch to the scenery.

Following the same routine each week, I threw
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As I went back inside I put down my cold mug of coffee and headed upstairs where I found a bundle of towels, half-wet, half-dry lying on the ground, this was the place they were thrown the last time they were used.

Twenty minutes later after a warm refreshing shower I realised I was ready for breakfast, by this time I had realised that the reason for me to be happy today was due to the fact that I did not have to go into work and that later on two friends of mine Stephen and Scott were to come to my house.

I threw myself on the couch and relaxed as the enormous cushions sank beneath my weight, I lay there reviewing the week's happenings in my mind and wondering what I should do today, time passed as I lay in this trance and was deeply frightened when I was aroused by the sound of knocking on the front door.

I sat upright and headed for the door, on the way grabbing my wallet, keys and mini-disc player.

I opened the door which gave a loud creak and slammed it shut with force while trying to fit my keys into the keyhole, I glanced briefly at Stephen and Scott, while saying "hi" I stroked the cat as I walked past the box from which it was emerging stretching it's legs, no

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