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Original Writing I woke up to find my self dead… Lying there completely motionless; my body lay before me, a very bloody and mutilated corpse for that matter. But the ironic thing was that I wasn’t there when I died, because I’d been away, you see, away from my physical body. My mind – spirit, soul, psyche, consciousness, call it what you will, I was terrified so terrified that my, let’s call it my soul, had jumped out of my ridged body. I wasn’t there, when I died…

I didn’t absorb what lay spread
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The room in which my body shall lie till forever more was dark and damp, the wallpaper was pealing off the ghastly wall’s as though by it’s own accord, the floor board’ were also creaking upon there own accord, but how? Was there someone there, walking over these very rigid boards, I almost could feel their presence; the feeling was coming from the pit of my translucent stomach. Wouldn’t I be able to see whoever it was? But I couldn’t see them, the thought that someone was there was driving me insane, I couldn’t stop pondering over it, as thought it was compulsive to do so. I set adrift and floated towards the window with great difficulty, the pane of glass which sat in the window frame had become a home to many minute specs of dust which made this home over the centuries. The window was cracked from corner to corner, like a grin that was stretching from hear to hear.

The noise in the room was deafening despite the apparent silence in the room, the high-pitched vitriolic squeal in his mind propelling pain through his limp body and when opening his dark eyes sending fresh agony into his disfigured opaque face. Broken shards of the shattered mirror lay around him, blood oozed through the deep gashes in the top of his head, dying his greying brown hair a thick murky red;

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