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Table of content 1. INTRODUCTION 2 1.1 BRIEF OUTLINE OF THE COMPANY AND ITS CORE BUSINESS ACTIVITIES 3 1.2 OVERVIEW OF CURRENT BRAND PORTFOLIO AND POSITIONING 4 1.3 PURPOSE OF THE STRATEGIC PLAN 4 2. SITUATION ANALYSIS 4 2.1 ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 4 Technological Environment 5 Social Environment 6 Political environment 7 Economic Analysis 8 Market Share 11 Segmentation 13 2.3 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS 19 Threat of New Entrants 20 Threat of Substitute Products 21 The Bargaining Power of

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With the structure of the energy sector changing rapidly with the deregulation of the industry that has occurred in the recent past and the global trend towards low- and no-emission energy production, it is important to identify the core competencies of the organisation and those of its competitors and also what it and its competitors core competencies may be in the future and thus provide an insight into what direction marketing efforts should be placed in. It is also important to identify any restrictions Origin may face.

2. Situation Analysis
2.1 Environmental Analysis
The environment in which Origin Energy operates determines the feasibility of opportunities and threats identified in other forms of analyses, as well as providing more information about strengths and weaknesses. The technological, social, political and economic environments have been identified.

Technological Environment
Throughout the years Origin Energy has used varying ways to run the organisation and also activities to obtain the natural resources such as oil and gas for their business production. In 1997, it “invested its assets into technology [focusing] on natural gas explorations and productions, energy retailing, power generation and investment in energy infrastructure and management services” Origin Energy, 2008.
An article in The Age (2004) stated “Origin Energy didn’t want to buy
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