Essay on Organizational Management

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Module Six Critical Thinking Assignment.
This paper will address the five questions presented in the module six critical thinking assignment.
This module’s reading and lecture material has described job designs in various service and manufacturing organizations. In which type of organization is job enrichment likely to be more effective as a strategy for increasing motivation and performance? “The purpose of job enrichment is to improve the quality of an employee's job and therefore motivate the employee to accomplish more” (Allison, McClintic, & Cengage, 2001) and job enrichment will have a positive effect on both service and manufacturing organizations that lack “psychological growth especially responsibility, job
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The team approach to job enrichment gives the employee a feeling of importance and responsibility. Motivation is increased when the employee perceives they have input into company strategy.
It is important to note that job enrichment will only work if the employees are open to seeing the job enrichment changes as an opportunity to new ways of accomplishing tasks and not as a threat.
What do you think of companies such as Motorola and Hewlett‐Packard that establish job design policies to help employees balance their work and life commitments? Do you think such policies will help these firms attract and retain more employees?
Motorola and Hewlett-Packard have done an excellent job in setting the standards for balanced work life policy and programs that measurably improve the lives of their employees. I not only think that robust work life policies attract and retain employees it has been proven through the National Work Life Measurement Project conducted by The Boston College Center for Work and Family, “76% of managers and 80% of employees indicated that flexible work arrangements have positive effects on retention” (Pruchno, R., Litchfield, L., Fried, M., 2011). Flextime, telecommuting, job sharing and job redesign are just some of the measures of work life commitments that show increased retention. People have to make choices about how they spend their time and who they work for. Companies that make these decisions easier

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