Essay on Organizational Behavior

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This paper will identify and examine the perspective of cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence which are considered to be important individual diversities in the field of organisational behaviour. The organization selected for this topic is, The Australian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, commonly known as (AHEPA), the association was founded in Melbourne Australia in 1938; at that time the mission of AHEPA was to promote Hellenism, education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, family and individual Excellence. Originally the association was set up with a small group of Australian/Greek volunteers as a community based establishment to assist Greek immigrants in Australia experiencing language barriers, families …show more content…
Cognitive intelligence is crucial to any organisation’s success and performance, this applies to all the individuals that work and volunteer with in the AHEPA organisation, their skills is paramount, although there are a number of small groups that work as a team, each one has specific tasks to perform, the skills used by each individual don’t need specific social skills per se, as each member solve and deal regularly with unique circumstances. Brown (2000) suggests that there is a certain degree of cognitive diversity of a small group which may influence how effectively they perform specific tasks as each member has come from a diverse social and academic backgrounds. It is extremely important these small groups get to know each other in order to develop a relationship within the AHEPA organisation and develop trust and feel emotionally safe with each member. Shaw (1932) suggests that as a group there is more information when the information of each member is pooled together to resolve a particular task if it’s intellectually difficult to solve. The AHEPA organisation has developed a strong decision-making culture over the years with all its members and individual working groups, it pays attention to the values and ideals which are characterised in the organisation; management has learned the importance of staff diversity professionalism continuous improvement of its volunteers well being and service to the community. There

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