Online Learning Can help Students Learn Better Essay

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Online learning can help students learn better Throughout the development of education, online learning is becoming more and more popular. Some students think it is good for them since they can get the latest news on the Internet. On the other hand, some students prefer to use their computer to play games rather than study. Educators debate whether implementing online learning might improve students’ academic performance. Online education is rapidly increasing and becoming as a feasible alternative for traditional learning. According to a study in 2008, which conducted by the U.S Department of Education, back in 2006-2007 academic year, about 66% of postsecondary public and private schools began participating in student financial …show more content…
The second reason to support online learning is the fact that learners can study anywhere and instructors can update their lessons and materials whenever and wherever possible. Students are free to log in and complete work any time they want. They can work on and complete their assignments at the times when they think the most cogently, whether it be early in the morning or late at night (Cull, Reed, & Kirk, 2010), or learn in any location you would like, even on a bus or a plane. Furthermore, online learning system provides a platform for instructors to update their learning materials very easily. This help them to give the students the updated materials and provide the information they need rapidly. It benefits either students or instructors.

The final argument is that online learning can encourage students to take responsibility for their learning. Successfully completing online exercises and courses builds self-confidence and self-knowledge for their learning. Also, it can establish learners’ responsibility. Therefore, students know how they learn and study best and, consequently, who take advantage of methods and resources they had not previously considered. When students take greater responsibility for their learning, they achieve at higher levels because of the self-reliant, independent nature of their learning, therefore they will become more

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