One Day I'll Teach a Robot to Write My Essays

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Technology is advancing every field of science in unimaginable ways. Computers alone have opened up countless job and schooling opportunities that are continually growing by the day. Doctors an scientists in the medical world are using computers for everything from keeping patient files on hand at all times, to better understanding the human brain. (Friedman, and Koffman 2) Technology can make everyday life infinitely easier. Nearly every company is embracing technology, like computers, as it simplifies their day to day activities. Technology has also advanced education, allowing students to take entire college courses in the comfort of their living room, as well as enable students of all ages to further their knowledge by using a search …show more content…
Another piece of technology that has been created during recent years promotes childhood education where ever a child goes; the park, boring car rides, or even the living room can now be a potential classroom. This simple device teaches children math, science, and various other subjects through interactive video games. Although there have been various attempts at a learning system, the most predominant of them is the Leapster. Children can plug in their favorite game cartridges and make change at the Krusty Krab with Spongebob, fly through space with a Jedi using their math skills, or a plethora of other activities. The Leapster however is not the only learning aid embraced by many.

Video game industries trying to promote education to all ages released a game on several video game systems to make America smarter. The game has undergone several changes over its lifetime but the main focus is to promote logic and reasoning through clever game play. The game is call Brain Age; it has many sequels and variants over the years and has sold well considering it is designed with education in mind. Industries have realized that despite the bad economy, people will still pay the big bucks for video games; even the educational ones. However, no matter how many levels and high scores you beat, no amount of video games will be able to amount to a higher education at a university.


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