Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Essay

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

"There is a strong moral thread running through of mice and men which we can identify generally as concern for the underdog."-Jim Taylor

(It is possible to feel concern for nearly all the main characters in the novel. With what aspects of their lives do we sympathise and to what extent do we feel that sympathy?)

'Of mice and men' is based in 1920s America, explores the life of migrant farm workers and similarly their struggle to be accepted in society. It also reveals their desire to establish themselves in society through owning their own ranch and having their own home. The social concerns that Steinbeck highlights are; bullying, racism and being
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We are made to feel sympathy for Lennie because of the fact that he has the mental age of a six year old. The novel does not explain his mental disability, infact the only time it is mentioned is when George tries to explain it to the boss at the ranch by saying "He was kicked in the head by a horse when he was a kid." We know that this is not true because Lennie then answers in a confused manner, "I wasn't kicked in the head with no horse, was I , George." Just like any six year old, Lennie loves to stoke soft things, which gets him in a an awful lot of trouble during the book. You feel sorry for Lennie right from the start of the book because he is unable to keep his pet mouse due to the fact that it is dead. Even though the mouse is not alive and it is Lennie's fault because he has stroked it too hard, we feel sympathy for him because his strengh is uncontrollable. He does not understand and cannot control his own strangth. Lennie is like a small child inside a almost giant-like man's body. At the end of the book we feel the most emotion. After shaking Curley's wife to death by accident, the only choice for Lennie is to either die or be tortured and locked up. But the sadest thing about it all, is that Lennie doesn't even understand anything that is going on around him. While the other men at the ranch are hunting him down to kill him, all he is thinking about is tending the rabbits with

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