Odysseus and Churchill: Epic Heroes Essay

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Courageous, noble qualities, leadership, bravery, physical and mental strength, outstanding wisdom, and risking his life are just a few characteristics that would describe a Homeric hero. Looking at the nature and work of Odysseus and Churchill, both have essential characteristics that qualify them as heroes. Odysseus’ and Churchill’s many triumphs and courage, intelligence, and leadership skills repeatedly reveal their heroic nature and bravery.
For twenty years Odysseus, The king of Ithaca, overcame each obstacle the gods handed to him. He encountered many unpredictable islands and places during his journey. On every obstacles he encountered he exhibit his intelligence by tricking monsters and/or utilizing his physical strength. In
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This is smart move by Odysseus, because Penelope’s suitors will not know his presence and unite together to go against him. His beautiful and faithful wife Penelope was almost convinced that he would not return home after such a long time. She and his son, Telemachus, have been struggling to maintain their authority during Odysseus’ prolonged absence, and there has been chaos in Ithaca. In the bow contest held by Penelope, Odysseus with the help of his friend and son, kills all the suitors who have made his family’s life dreadful and have been trying to kill his son.
The Odyssey has symbolized the sea as a dangerous, unpredictable, terrifying, and treacherous route for any journey. To survive ten years in the unpredictable sea tackling storms, monsters and unusual land features is almost impossible and can be done only by person with super human characteristics. Odysseus “The King of Ithaca” safely reaches Ithaca due to his leadership, bravery, intelligence, and courage. After victory, he tried to return with his soldiers, but faced a miserable journey. He uses his creativity, intelligence, and leadership qualities to get his men safely home.
Churchill, the grandson of seventh Duke of Marlborough, having a miserable childhood and unusual family background evolved as an outstanding and successful leader, statesman, politician, and writer. The universal proverb, Failure makes a person perfect, fits his life, as he never got

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