Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Essay

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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is the process of converting the ocean waters temperature difference at different depths into usable energy. From the solar heated upper depths of the ocean to the cooler depths below 2,000 feet a 40 degree temperature difference must be maintained to generate electricity. This is a relatively new and unheard of source of energy. Many people are not aware of the many benefits of OTEC and the impact it will have in the future as the use of fossil fuel

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To give you an ideal of the process, a picture of the open-water cycle is shown below. The closed-cycle process uses a working fluid with a low-boiling point such as ammonia, propane, or Freon. The warm surface water will be used in a heat exchange which will then transfer its heat to the working fluid. When the working fluid vaporizes it propels a turbine to turn a generator which will produce electricity. After the working fluid has been vaporized it is passed through a condenser where cold water from the deeper depths of the ocean is used to convert the vaporized fluid back to a liquid state. The working fluid will now be ready to start the process over again. A picture of the internal workings can be found below.

In an open-cycle process the seawater is used as the working fluid unlike the closed-cycle which used a low-boiling point liquid for its working fluid. A near vacuum is used on the surface water which causes it to vaporize. Like the working fluids in the above paragraph the vaporized sea water is used to turn a low pressure turbine which is connected to a generator, thus producing electrical energy. The vaporized surface water is then condensed using the cooler water from deeper in the ocean, then introduced back into the ocean. When the warm surface water is vaporized the salts are left behind thus creating almost pure fresh water.

The hybrid-cycle process is a combination of closed
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