Obsessive Love Essay

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Obsessive Love

Here on Earth, written by Alice Hoffman, is an everyday life story which belongs to the literary period of realism. Realism is often described as a movement in literature which presents life in a very practical way. Usually, works in this literary period contain characterization and plot as similar as possible to what is found in everyday life. Donna M. Campbell states, “Broadly defined as a faithful representation of reality or verisimilitude, realism is a literary technique practiced by many schools of writing” (Realism in American Literature, 1860-1890). Some characteristics of realism in American literature, declared by Richard Chase in The American Novel and Its Tradition, include the fact that characters are
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She has been praised by many, such as The New York Times, Library Journal, and The Boston Review. Her novel Here on Earth was picked as an addition to be discussed in Oprah’s Book Club in 1998, which made it recognized by many people around the world. Hoffman told Contemporary Authors the way she views her writing and the themes she focuses on. “I think I most often write about women’s ability or inability to come to terms with their own identity and independence. For me Property Of is about victims who in turn victimize the women around them. The novel I am now working on, Esther the White, is about the relationship of a young woman to her family and their past in effort to begin a separate life. So I suppose my main concern in the search for identity and continuity, and the struggle inherent in that search.” (Hoffman, Volume 77-80, 242)

Kerry Fried from The Boston Review describes Hoffman’s writing as a combination of fascination with wildness. He says that her characters can shift civilization but are equally threatened by it because of their desires and difficult decisions (The Boston Review, April/May 1995). Factors such as these are definitely observed in the characterization used in Here on Earth. Love, obsession and destruction are present in Here on Earth, by Alice Hoffman, with the use of realistic setting and

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