Essay on Obesity

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WEIGHT CONTROL is the process of losing or avoiding excessive body fat. It is based on the relationship between the amount of food you eat and the amount of exercise you get. The less you eat and the more you exercise, the less fat you will have. Weight control has medical importance because being obese (too fat) can lead to health problems. Obesity is a serious disorder and may result in emotional and social problems. Overweight people may not be obese, though the word overweight is often used for obese. Being overweight means weighing more than the average for a certain height.

Some people weigh less than average for their height because they have small bones and muscles. Others are underweight because they have
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Obesity cuts down freedom of movement, especially in the elderly, and thus can lower general health because of lack of exercise. The decreased freedom of movement in obese patients with arthritis also makes treatment difficult.

In many parts of the world, obese people may be rejected in various ways. Fat people are often treated unkindly by others, including their classmates in school. They generally have less social success than other people and may find it harder to get jobs.

Causes of Obesity

Overeating. You can gain or lose weight as a result of eating more or fewer calories than you need. A calorie is a unit used to measure the heat energy that the body gets from a certain amount of food. If you eat more calories than you use, most will turn into body fat. If you eat fewer than you use, your body will convert its fat into energy. During any period of days or weeks, if you eat 3,500 more calories than you use, you will gain 1 pound (0.5 kilogram). You will lose a pound of body fat if you eat 3,500 fewer calories than you use. Some countries that use the metric system measure the heat energy obtained from food in joules instead of calories. About 4,182 joules equal one calorie.

A surplus of calories is necessary for growth in children and pregnant women. But they will gain excess body fat if they eat too many calories. See CALORIE.

The amount of food you eat can play a much

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