Obesity in Populations With Limited Access to Health Care Essay

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In this review, it is evident that lifestyle plays a significant role in identifying obesity and low health accessibility in the U.S. among disadvantaged populations (Ogden, Carroll, McDowell, & Flegal, 2007; Healthypeople.gov, 2012; Flegal, Carroll, Ogden, & Curtin, 2010). The New Mexico Department of Health, (2005) states that “employing a multi-level approach that creates supportive environments to address these behavioral factors may be the most promising direction to take”. Therefore, the examination of groups within the society with low access to health care is essential. Their lifestyle, eating habits and knowledge about health needs to be assessed in order to develop a plan that addresses their increased risks.
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Level of education The level of education is also another factor that has contributed to obesity and low health accessibility. Educated individuals have a wider knowledge about their rights, health risks and consequences of their lifestyle choices. However, it is not too late to bring health education up to standard across all social classes. It is vital for disadvantaged populations to be educated on the importance of eating healthy foods, which contributes in having a population rich in young adolescents who are healthy and energetic.
Household income Financial status is another factor that has contributed low health accessibility among diverse populations in the US, and it has been already confirmed that low health accessibility can result in higher risk of obesity. Therefore, an indirect correlation exists between low income and obesity risk. Low income is mostly experienced by minorities living in the US because they do not have the right papers to be able to attain a good paying job with additional benefits that will help them live comfortably in the US. This low income has resulted in many households eating foods with no nutritional value, which has affected their BMI because they cannot even afford health facilities. Furthermore, high income is associated with high intake of junk food due to their

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