Essay on Obamacare: The Affordable Care Act

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Health insurance, too many American citizens, is not an option. However, some citizens find it unnecessary. Working in the health care field, I witness the effects of uninsured patients on medical offices. Too often, I see a “self-pay” patient receive care from their doctor and then fail to pay for it. Altogether, their refusal to pay leaves the office at a loss of money and calls for patients to pay extra in covering for the cost of the care the uninsured patient received. One office visit does not seem like too big of an expense, but multiple patients failing to pay for the care they receive adds up. Imagine the hospital bills that patients fail to pay; health services in a hospital are double, sometimes triple, in price at a hospital. …show more content…
Those choosing to ignore the law, “if you don’t want insurance, you will pay a tax to cover what…[paying patients] shell out when you show up at the emergency room” (10 reasons). Ultimately, fairness is what is being enforced. Paying patients should not be responsible for the costs of other, uninsured patients. Unsurprisingly, “there is a cost…for this “free” care, and hospitals have to cover it by charging paying patients more” (Lott Jr. 43). Responsibility is a key characteristic in life; without responsibility, America would become completely dependent on each other. This would mean all citizens would be relying on each other, or the government, to take care of them and pay their bills. The country would eventually go bankrupt. Luckily, Obamacare is taking control and closing the dead end health insurance road America has been traveling down; this is the first step towards a better functioning, more responsible country. Making Americans have health insurance teaches responsibility, but forcing uninsured Americans to pay a tax on their medical expenses enforces responsibility. Obamacare is crucial in America because it insists on all citizens being health insured.

Obamacare is necessary in America because it eliminates that worry of pre-existing conditions when applying for health insurance. Prior to Obamacare, Americans who had “an illness and were not previously insured” were unable to receive health insurance for their illness (10 reasons). Since this new

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