Essay nvq level 5 unit 1.2

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Unit 1 Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication

Learning Outcome 1. Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role

Assessment Criteria

The learner can:
1.1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role

Communication is more than just what we say. It is how we say things and what we understand from what is said to us. Communication comes in different forms, including verbal, written word, lip reading, sign language and even body language.

As a Domiciliary Care Manager it is part of my job role to be able to communicate with a variety of groups and individuals ranging from service users, their families and staff to health
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Dysarthria - Dysarthria happens when a stroke causes weakness of the muscles you use to speak. This may affect the muscles you use to move your tongue, lips or mouth, control your breathing when you speak or produce your voice.
Dyspraxia - Dyspraxia is a condition that affects movement and coordination. Dyspraxia of speech happens when you cannot move muscles in the correct order and sequence to make the sounds needed for clear speech
Learning Disabilities: People with serious learning disabilities can definitely have difficulties with communication. A common type of learning problem is an expressive language disorder. As the name implies, individuals with this type of problem have difficulties expressing themselves using language so they find it difficult to communicate his/her needs, wishes or desires. 1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within own job role.

Within my job role as a Manager of a domiciliary care agency it is important to have good communication skills to develop positive relationships with the service users to enable an effective needs assessment, risk assessment and complex care plan that is suited fully to the service users needs and wishes. During the assessment period the persons’ communication needs are identified and added to the needs/risk assessment ensuring that the care/support workers are fully aware of the communication needs of

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