Essay on Nursing is a Career Path Defined by One's own Percetion

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Nurses are an integral part of any community in today’s society and a growing population. Nurses not only welcome newborn babies into the world, they also care for the ill and wounded; some becoming the only vital ‘surviving family’ to those they care for.
Nursing is a career path defined by one’s own perception and importance of care. The author is centred on two essential concepts one being health promotion, and the other quality care. Both of which she has personally experienced and sees them as fundamental attributes a nurse must possess. The authors’ analysis reflects from the work of prior studies whilst comparing the outlines to her own beliefs and personal motivations to become a nurse. Whilst there are many important models
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Recognised health promoting activities known to better enhance an individual’s mental health, self-esteem and to learn new skills. These include joining supportive networks, creativity participation and relaxation (Robinson, 2006). The author believes once information and empowerment has been given, it is then up to the individual on how they choose to utilise the information to make positive changes and healthier attitudes.
Empowering is to build a stronger more reputable relationship opposed to disempower. The intent to empower others as noted by Campbell is to prepare, improve, foster and develop others. The disempowerment of others is never the intent; however that intent does not necessarily produce the desired results as originally intended, this may be due to the lack of cooperation from the individual or the individuals loved ones (Campbell, 2003).
Empowerment of an individual and how fast positive relationships can form rely on many contributing factors, these factors may include childhood or early career experiences which can contribute to self-esteem, self-responsibility and self-growth of an individual. An example of this is someone constrained to a wheel chair therefore having a physical disability but this disability never stopped the individual from being or doing what they wanted out of life. This plays

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