Nursing Homes And The Lutheran Home For The Aging Essay

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Nursing Homes and The Lutheran Home for the Aging

     Recently, I had the pleasure of having a personal tour of the Lutheran
Home for the Aging located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. I chose this area of study because it happened to be convenient in location for me as well as easily accessible to a source of an interviewee that I felt comfortable with and who is also very comfortable with myself. I find it much easier to conduct an interview and get more relevant information from a source that I've already had former contact with and also established a friendship with. I interviewed, age
48, who was a social worker at the Lutheran Home for the Aging for 12 years until she changed career paths that would benefit
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The Lutheran Home for the Aging is a non-profit organization and is a recognized service organization of the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. The Home is governed by The
Board of Directors, which consists of men and women from various congregations located throughout the Milwaukee area. They constantly review and evaluate the quality of care in relationship to the purpose of the Home and are also in control of delegating a responsible and competent administrator who is the leader and manager of the Home.
There is a full array of highly trained and competent staff that keep the Lutheran Home for the Aging running smoothly and up to standard. As I researched what quality nursing homes should offer to those in need of a variety of daily and sometimes complex assistance, I was surprised that this Home for the Aging met most, if not all the criteria of a "model" nursing home. Some of the services offered include personal , dietary, therapeutic, social, recreational and nursing services. There are also meals, laundry facilities, housekeeping, and 24-hour medical services provided by professional nursing care and attending physicians. In addition, as most non-profit organizations homes, there are religious services and counseling programs provided. Some of the daily responsibilities and individual aspects of the diverse staff include the following: · The activities coordinator is a

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