Essay on Nuclear Holocaust

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Nuclear testing was a global issue during the 1960s. With threats of nuclear war from the communist countries of the Russia, Cuba and China, the United States was anxious to protect itself with a nuclear arsenal of its own. After the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War II, the United States did additional nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands, Nevada and New Mexico. General knowledge of nuclear radiation was minimal to the public at that time and the United States government could not warn their citizens about the dangerous effects of exposure to nuclear radiation. The diseases and disorders that arose as result of nuclear testing could have been prevented if the government of the United States had advised people …show more content…
The officials at the Nevada test site, with very little knowledge about nuclear radiation, had no knowledge that they were in for bad news (Fradkin 1-4).
      Radioactive chemicals can combine with one another or with stable chemicals to form molecules which may be solids, liquids or gases at ordinary temperature and pressure. The radioactive materials may be outside of the body and still give off destructive radiation. They may also be absorbed into the body with air, food and water or through an open wound. They become even more dangerous as they release their energy in close distance to living cells and body organs. They can be incorporated into the tissue or bone. They may remain in the body for minutes, hours or up to a lifetime (Bertell).
     Being exposed to the nuclear radiation made the downwinders susceptible to disorders they would not have acquired if they had not been exposed. The Center for Disease Control reported a much higher observed cases of leukemia—“several times the expected rate of leukemia.” in the Utah, Nevada and Arizona area in 1961. Many of these leukemia cases were children, who had been born to downwinders (Ball 110).
     The nuclear radiation also contributed to birth defects among children born to downwinders. Some defects were abnormalities of body parts, for

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