Nomadic Qualities of Ancient Civilizations in China and Greece

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The people of ancient civilizations like ancient China and ancient Greece chose to move from one place to another frequently to find a location that was most suitable for their settlement. How they determined a location was based on both its economical and geographical features. They would ask questions like “Will the soil be fertile enough to sustain plant life?” “Can I trade easily within the location?” “Is the terrain rocky or flat?” and so on. I will be analyzing the push and pull factors of ancient China and ancient Greece to determine why they moved from one region of their country to another. Pull factors are the good features of a region that would make people want to come to it like desirable economical and geographical features. …show more content…
Another reason why the Plateau was undesirable was because of the frigid temperatures caused by its high elevation, and although there were two major rivers, the area was dry and near desolate of crop life. As a result of the mountainous terrain, cold temperatures, and dry climate, crops and livestock alike had trouble growing and thriving there. The people of the Tibet- Qinghai Plateau were mostly herders because the natural vegetation which was sparse scrubs and grasses supported some kinds of livestock. The population there had to survive on extremely sparse crops and somewhat larger quantities of meat causing it to be undesired and left from for more favorable conditions. The economic basis of the Tibet- Qinghai Plateau was heavily reliant on its own people since economic boosting trade was unavailable because of the mountainous terrain that cut the Plateau away from the rest of ancient China. The people there would raise animals that could survive the extreme height and frigid cold like antelopes and yaks. Although most of the people there were herders, they were usually poor. The herders didn’t have enough livestock to sell for money to live very comfortably. As a consequence, the people of the Tibet- Qinghai Plateau were poor and had had to live with only few basic necessities like food and clothes. The negative economic factors of the Tibet- Qinghai Plateau like how the people there had

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