No Restraint Needed in Our Response to Terrorism Essay

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No Restraint Needed in Our Response to Terrorism


Many liberals have called for restraint in responding to the September 11 attack on the United States. These groups proclaim that we must not ask "who" committed these horrible crimes but instead ask "why" the killers were so angry at the United States. In other words, what has America done to lead these people to the conclusion that murderous terrorism is the only appropriate action.  The liberals contend that the terrorists feel that such monumental wrongdoing have been inflicted upon them, their families and their way of life by the United States that such calamitous actions are the only remedy.


The statements by these liberals directly implies that the
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Last September 11's act of war was committed on the anniversary of the Camp David Peace Accords - a monumental American diplomatic achievement given the history of conflict in the region.


2) The support and protection of Kuwaiti sovereignty in the face of a brutal invasion by Iraq. Were we wrong to drive out Iraq in the wake of reports of wanton rape, murder and destruction? Should we have asked what tiny Kuwait had done to invite such an evil act of aggression? Somehow I don't think the Kuwaiti people felt that they deserved it. And does the fact that American oil interests were also at stake make it any less right to oppose Saddam Hussein's inhumane military aggression? No.


3) America supports democracy and free trade throughout the world. Certainly American culture has been spread by multinational corporations around the globe and certain cultures have found Hollywood movies, Coca-Cola and McDonald's to be invasive. Do movies, cokes and cheeseburgers alone warrant such premeditated slaughter? Osama bin Laden considers Arab countries friendly to American democracy and capitalism to be corrupt; he wants their governments toppled. Why? Because these countries are among the wealthiest, most peace-loving and stable nations in the region whose only "fault" is an alliance with the United States and our love of freedom.


Clearly it seems that there is a disconnect between

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