No Globalization Without Democratic Pluralism Essay

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People love sports. Take, for instance, the unforgettable 1986 World Series. In game six, with the Mets down 3-2 in the series, The Red Sox had a 5-3 lead with two outs and no Mets runners on base in the bottom of the 10th inning. A few of the Mets players, such as Keith Hernandez, headed into the dugout to drown their sorrows in a beer. Even the men in charge of the scoreboard had given up hope, displaying, “Congratulations to the World Champion Boston Red Sox.” A few singles and a wild pitch later, the Mets had miraculously tied the game. The game was then lost by the Red Sox, as Bill Buckner, the usually sure-handed first baseman, let a routine ground ball go between his legs (Associated Internet). Thus, as one looks upon this …show more content…
This was the attitude of the world at the end of the cold war. As the Soviet Union collapsed, bringing a conclusion to the 47 year battle between the United States and communism, one could easily assume communism to be the “loser”. In the nature of a human being, if people notice that communism had lost, being claimed as the “wrong answer” to society’s problems, then we deferred that free-market liberal capitalism, being the opposite, was the “correct answer” (Korten 183). This leads the world into the 90s: an era where free markets ruled on a global scale.

Even a protectionist might admit capitalism brings with it important and beneficial theories for structuring an economy. Liberal globalization can bring good to the people of the world, and indeed, in many ways, it currently does. Evidence comes in products of capitalism, such as the modern day communication advancements, namely the Internet. “The Communications and Internet Revolution,” Johnathon Aronson’s contribution to the textbook The Globalization of World Politics, states that the internet and capitalism worked side by side to bring prosperity to the 90s (549). Believing that the internet will shape the future of our economy, he cites the rise in e-commerce as being a huge factor in the economic success. In this way, the internet offers expansion opportunities to businesses, and

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