Essay on No Abortions for Women

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Women should not have the right to abortions, no abortions are safe.
Abortion is the termination of a child before the birth of the child. An innocent child, who is too young to defend itself, is being murdered by what some women want rights to, “ safe abortions”. No human being should have the right to end an innocent life legally and just get away with it.
Women are wanting the right to a “safe” abortion, but there are no safe abortions. Abortions are the termination of a pregnancy before the child has had the maturing time to reach birth. (Abortion 3) The abortionist can look at the fetus and tell that he or she is a living essences, but the baby has not had the full amount of time to mature all of his organs and bodily tissues and
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( Alcorn) When a hunter is out in the woods hunting for a deer, and something moves in the bush, should he shoot not knowing if it’s an innocent child who wandered away from his father? No, because the hunter will serve prison time for manslaughter if not murder. On that account, we know that the babies that transpire abortion convey life just to any extent as the rest of us human essences. The fetus can also destroyed with inadvertent actions of the mother. The mother can engage in frequent heavy activities, could ingest danger chemicals or drugs thats harmful toward the baby, or meaningfully destroying the baby. (abortion 2) Vacuum aspiration involves the baby suctioned out of the womb and then the woman’s womb is scraped clean with a medical instrument called curettes. (abortion 3)
The abortions not only affect the baby who now no longer has the ability to breath and has no pulse; but the operation also affects the mothers. The mother can suffer from internal infections if the operation does not comply with the woman’s body. (pregnancy) Furthermore, later pregnancies can also be harmed by these “safe” abortions. Likewise causing the woman’s body to an inability to carry a child to full-term. The operation, from the uterus being scraped clean of the child’s aftermath, can cause the female to have the inability to conceive regardless if she has the desire to or not. Since the operation was

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