Nietzsche´s Life and Survival: Buddha´s Meaning of Suffering Essay

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“To live is to suffer; to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” Friedrich Nietzsche’s articulate definition of life and survival serves in tandem to Buddha’s teachings of suffering, the meaning of suffering, and it’s applicability to real life. In essence, one must commit to realizing suffering, the causes of suffering, and finally, the means of escaping it. Suffering can be physical or psychological, yet it must yield the same end of stifled human experience. The cause of suffering can be many, but must stem from the subsections of: Craving to Be, Craving Not to Be, and Sensual Experience . The focus of analysis will be on the aforementioned three. What are the specifics of these three experiences, their
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Thus, following 29 years of being Kapilavastu’s princeling, Siddhartha departed the hallowed halls of the palace in search of “truth.” That “truth” was the present day experiences of the subjects that lived outside the palace walls. Despite his father’s repeated plea to his son never to experience the outside world, Siddhartha felt there was more to life than artificial perfection. Now enveloped in a quest to understand the nature of natural phenomena, Siddhartha viewed the ailing features of an old man. His charioteer, Channa , explained to the beffudled prince that all people wither as the years prolong. Surprised by this fact, Siddhartha encouraged Channa to lead him through other parts of his “esteemed” kingdom .
The Truth Revealed
What Siddhartha encountered went beyond his wildest expectations. A diseased man poisoned his perception of human affliction. A decaying corpse defiled his understanding of the longevity of life. An ascetic fooled his assumption that all men live comfortable, material-driven lives. Siddhartha, now exposed to the realities of human existence, fell into a state of shock and depression. How could the son of a king not be taught that his subjects were living under an endless cycle of suffering? Siddhartha decided that he would strive to live past the

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