New Years Celebration at Wagha Border Essay

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Since my childhood, I have been celebrating New Year at my home sitting in front of TV watching the New year programs, or by wishing my friends New Year late night via sms. But, this time I celebrated my new year differently, in a very special way that I had never thought of and never planned for it. I would never forget the night of 31st December 2009 and the first day of New Year i.e.1st January 2010.

Last year we had NOSPLAN (National Organization of Student of Planning) in the SPA, Delhi, in the month of Jan ’09. This time GNDU Amritsar had hosted two-day NOSPLAN on 29 December 2009 and 1 January, 2010. On the night of 26 December, we boarded train at 2 a.m from Vijayawada station to Delhi after seeing the movie 3 idiots at a cinema
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On 1 January after the distribution of prizes, we went to see Wagha border. I was so excited to see the location in real, which I watched only in TV till then. The place was very crowded. I could see we were more in number than the Pakistani audience. When we entered, songs were playing. One of my friends, two girls from MANIT Bhopal and I, went on the road where already some women and girls were dancing. We danced on songs like ‘Jai-Ho’ ‘Rang De Basanti’.It was fun and we enjoyed a lot. After that we were told to go to our respective places. Then a BSF officer came out with a mike in hand. He started hailing slogans 'Hindustan-zindabad' 'Bharat Mata ki – jai' and many. We also joined him. He was awesome. He was shouting so energetically as if he was going to kill that Pakistani Soldier who was standing on the other side of the gate who was also hailing there slogans but there were hardly any audience compared to us. I could hardly hear some “Jio-Jio” from there side. The BSF officer was all the time encouraging us to hail more loudly. I put my whole energy to shout as loud as I could. My throat got sore after that. I don’t remember when I shouted like this last time. After that, gate of both the countries opened and one BSF soldier from our side and one from their side stood in front of their respective gates and started showing parade within their boundaries. Their gestures were aggressive in pride

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