Essay on Neurosurgery

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In this essay/report I will explain to the best of my abilities, my possible career path. I have wanted to be many things. In grade 1, I wanted to be a superhero, and that hope stayed out for a while. Later on, at 10, my brain started getting new ideas, exploring the world around me, thinking of other things aside form cartoons and I thought to myself, how in the world am I going to become a superhero? I started thinking of other jobs like firefighter, police officer, engineer, construction worker etc., etc. But I decided it was no good I just couldn’t make my mind up. Then one day when I was watching an interview on TV, a firefighter was being interviewed and one of the questions was: How long did it take you to decide what you wanted to …show more content…
Surgery back then was very risky and only a few patients survived. Now you might be thinking, what kind of doctors were those idiots, but think again, does surgery only need a very highly educated surgeon? The simple answer is no. The reason or should I say the greatest reason was that of the tools. The surgical instruments back in the 16th century were horrible. To give an example, the substitute for a modern day scalpel would have been something that looked like a rusty saw. The deaths were also very high because of the infections. Even great founding surgeons knew a little about antiseptics. This lack of knowledge caused lots of deaths. Imagine this, a doctor cutting a persons leg open with a rusty saw and all the rust going into the person’s blood and flesh. Now two things can happen, the person dies of pain, because there are no anesthetics (unless you count hitting the person on the head with a pan as an anesthetic), or the person gets badly infected and ends up with some out of this world disease and then dies. My point here is that surgery is very advanced now than it was when it started, and this is because of the growing interest in the subject.
(The term surgery can also refer to the place where surgery is performed.)
Neurosurgery is surgery concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of complications that affect the organs such as the brain, spinal column, spinal

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