Essay on negotiation in cross cultures

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Negotiation In a Cross-Cultural Environment—American versus Japanese

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I.     Introduction




V. Conclusion

VI. References

I.     Introduction     

Negotiations always occur between parties who believe that some benefit may come of purposeful discussion. The parties to a negotiation usually share an intention to reach an agreement. This is the touchstone to which any thinking of negotiations must refer. While there may be some reason to view negotiations as attempts by each party to get the better of the other, this particular type of adversarial negotiation is really just one of the options available.
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III.     Problem Analysis
To analyze the problem we have to study the American and Japanese negotiation styles and how culture in its different meanings affects negotiations.

1-Negotiation Styles
a.     The American style (Doing Business with the New Japan, Hodgson, Sano, Graham, 2000)
Probably no single statement better summarizes the American negotiation style than “Shoot first, ask questions later,” Throughout the American educational system we are taught to compete, both academically and on the sporting field. Adversarial relationships and winning are essential themes of the American socialization process. But nowhere in the American educational system is competition and winning more important than in case discussions in our law and business school classrooms. Of course, such skills are important at the negotiation table, but the most important skills such as how to ask questions, how to get information, how to listen, or how to use questioning as a powerful persuasive strategy are not taught or, at best, are underemphasized.

b.     The Japanese negotiation style
The Japanese negotiation style is indeed unique. It is even different than that of its neighboring countries China and Korea. Contrary to their haggling styles, the Japanese style is more subtle and

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