Negative Effects of Media Violence on Society Essay

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Negative Effects of Media Violence on Society

Given the importance of social learning in contributing to violent behavior, we should pay careful attention to the kinds of role models we provide to one another. A powerful source of role models is located in almost every home: the television. Television is the source of more knowledge in the past several decades than any other type of knowledge distributor, such as books and news papers. It is by far the most influential invention of the twentieth century and has established more role models than radio or magazines combined. But to some the role models that are established through the media and television are not upstanding citizens like Ronald Reagan or Larry King, but
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Simpson trial. <CITE>Popular notions of influence assume that television has the power to change people's attitudes and also in certain cases directly to 'trigger' certain kinds of behavior (for instance, stimulating violent action or action which is imitative of that seen on television)(Corner 138)</CITE> That was portrayed best just over a year ago when the biggest murder in the history in the United States was committed with the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City. The Accused Timmothy McVeigh says that he was avenging the death and invasion of the Branch Dividians and David Koresh. The only reason that people knew about the Branch Dividians was because the media made a huge deal about the Federal Tobacco and Firearms Commission invading the compound. You cannot blame the media for the bombing of the Federal building, but you could of prevented a lot of the problems and maybe prevented the bombing if the media would have been kept under stricter enforcement.

<CITE>There are three major effects that violence on a television or movie screen affects viewers by: 1. Reducing their inhibitions against violent, aggressive behavior. 2.Teaching them forms of aggression- that is, giving them information about how to attack someone else when the occasion arises. 3.Let us keep in mind that the ethical ending, in which the villain is punished, may keep viewers from reproducing villainy right away, but does not make

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