Negative Effects Of and Alternatives To Corporal Punishment Essay

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With an impression of his father’s belt buckle on his backside, he trudged to bed too upset to think of anything besides the physical pain of the spanking and the emotional pain from upsetting his father. He forgot to study for an important test, and he took his anger out on the teacher who then sent the boy to the principal’s office for disrespecting the teacher and disrupting the class. The principal took a wooden paddle and swatted the child; when he brought the failed test home, his father struck him with the belt again. The boy cannot escape from the constant pain and suffering surrounding him everywhere he goes. This story is a common occurrence, especially among schools that utilize corporal punishment which is commonly called …show more content…
However, even though the physical pain is easy for people to see and understand, the mental and emotional damage caused by physical discipline is a much larger issue. Children develop little self-confidence, depression, antisocial behaviors, and can adapt the aggressive behavior themselves (Leary et. al. 2-3). These hurtful emotions become invisible scars that do not easily fade. The victims often carry these feelings with them for several years, and they can become a permanent part of their personality; outsiders think it is a natural part of the person’s character because the abuse could have happened many years ago. Physical punishment could also cause the child to feel as if they are not worthy of love or respect since they are disciplined in an undignified manner. The long term effects may include failed relationships, family therapy, and seclusion from people surrounding the victim. The child begins to feel these emotional affects immediately because it harms their dignity and causes them to feel as if they are not important or worthy of respect. It also does not help to teach children what is morally right and wrong (Clark 370). Because of a child’s lack of understanding, he or she might eventually think that utilizing corporal punishment is acceptable and use it with his or her own children or even act

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