Negarive Impact of Emotional Child Neglect Essay examples

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A controversial discussion of child neglect has erupted within many writers, scholars, and social workers. This discussion has collided many individuals to bring up certain details to defend their position. Child neglect has become a discussion within many due to the accuracy its long term effect has on children. Many indigenous people say that child neglect can be forgotten with time, while others believe child neglect can never be forgotten, and can create a scared,dramatic trauma to the future of the child. What hasn't been brought into discussion is the physical and emotional pain brought upon a child due to neglect. Within these individuals their are some who express there opinions through writing besides verbally accessing the …show more content…
of the 872,000 children, 62.4% were neglected” (Tang 360). This issue is present to many young children all around the globe. Each story having a different situation but leading to the same outcome. Child neglect can often be misguided with child abuse but the two have different consequences. It is possible that child abuse can lead to child neglect and vice versa, but one has to mainly focus on the effects child neglect causes. In Working Toward a Conceptual Definition Of Child Neglect, Connie Tang points out, “Even when the consequence of child neglect is not fatal, neglected children often exhibit developmental difficulties in a number of areas, such as failure to thrive, brain underdevelopment, low self-esteem, behavioral problems and increased risk for psychopathology” (361). The effect child neglect has on a child is serious, and many children are being effected by it. Besides the discussion of child neglect and its long term effect, the developmental process of the child is also an aspect that needs to be brought into consideration. Connie M. Tang writes, “...child neglect also seems to negatively impact children's development as much as, if not more than child abuse” (360). A child's development reflects the outcome of their future. If an event occurs while there young most likely they'll remember the event in the long run. “The early experiences of a child affect brain development and can have

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