Essay on NBA Athletes are Overpaid

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As a fan of basketball, the NBA has always been the center of every discussion I partake whenever basketball is involved. Since its inception in the late 70s and the popularity of the American National Basketball Association, basketball has been cemented as one of the most iconic games played today. Whether a fan or enthusiast watches the game live or on replay, the high-voltage intensity and addicting thrill of every turnover and every score made just makes the person go wild. Of course in every game, some people often wonder how much money the players have in each season. I am one of those people who often think about how wealthy these players are and the more I see advertisements and high profile appearances these players partake, the …show more content…
Before beginning this paper, I shall introduce the problem at hand and the current statistics in terms of salaries for NBA athletes this season.
NBA: The Issue and the Status

As the most watched and played sport of the millennium, basketball has garnered not just a stable fan base but also budding talents wishing to have a shot in the big league such as the NBA. The popularity does not only concentrate with the game but also to its players. NBA players often get high-profile contracts in major clothing and shoe labels and in some shows, their houses are just luxurious. This kind of living for NBA athletes have sparked debates around the online community in terms of how much are they really paid and if it is just too much. Of course most of the opinions are based on speculation and hearsay thus the topic is still unclear and unresolved. Unknown to many, the commissioners heading the NBA are now discussing possibilities to change the current system on salary and create a newer system where NBA salaries are not ridiculously high.
Recently, the NBA administration is talking about making salary cuts and other extravagant expenses the organization has been known for in the past decade. With the current system, the association is said to lose at least a hundred million dollars per year despite the audience turn out every season. There have been

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