Essay on Nazi Film Propaganda

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Propaganda is the art form of persuasion which means that it takes aim at people’ behavior, thoughts and provide them new information. World leaders make propaganda now and they did before. One of the countries which propagandized their ideas well is Nazi Germany. The thing that makes them special is Nazi Germany had a “Ministry of Propaganda” which was led by Paul Joseph Goebbels. The mission of this ministry was “to censor all opposition to Hitler and present the chancellor and the Nazi Party in the most positive light while stirring up hatred for Jewish people.”(HISTORY.COM) He was the one of the close friends of Nazi Germany’s Führer, Adolph Hitler. Goebbels, who appointed himself "Patron of the German film", and Adolf Hitler realized …show more content…
To start propagandizing by using films, Goebbels bought “three main film producing companies, Ufa, Tobis and Bavaria, and two important smaller firms, Terra and Froelich”(3) on behalf of Ministry of Propaganda. “Furthermore, due to high production costs, producers inevitably turned to the Propaganda Ministry to invite them to buy shares with the film companies.”

Goebbels believed that influencing youth is easier and more important than influencing old people because young people tend to think and query more so it is easy to manipulate young brains. Therefore, Nazi party obliged the youths to visit the cinema weekly as well as special films that screened at Youth Film Hours.(3) Young people tend to watch films more instead of reading books, magazines or newspaper. In Nazi Germany it was same and Goebbels wanted to use this to make youth to keep faith Hitler. To illustrate, in “Hitler Youth Quex”, which was described by Joseph Goebbels as the "first large-scale" transmission of Nazi ideology using the medium of cinema(6), there is a boy who joined Hitler Youth movement despite of his father who was communist, then died for Hitler. It clearly gives message of loyalty.

In Nazi Germany (1933-1945), the period of 1933 to 1939, Germans were suffering from the consequences of World War I and Treaty of Versailles. In 1933, which was the year Hitler elected by German people, The Nazi Party was struggling with the government. As such, to promote Führer as a

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