Natural Resources And Management Essay example

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Natural Resources and Management

     Cultural resources are the traces of all past activities and accomplishments of people that includes designated historic districts, archeological sites, buildings, structures, and objects. These also include less tangible forms like aspects of folklife, traditional or religious practices, and landscapes. These nonrenewable resources often yield unique information about past societies and environments, and can provide answers for modern day social and conservation problems.

     a ship wreck
     an arrowhead a canon
     an Indian campsite
     Indian rock art
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The prehistoric period extends from the earliest arrival of humans in North America to the coming of the European explorers. The historic period begins with the arrival of these explorers and continues up to the present.      As you walk across public land, something on the ground catches your eye.
You pick up a piece of pottery or an arrowhead, wondering about the people who made this artifact. Who were they? When did they live? How did they live?

     If you return the artifact to where you found it, you have left in place a clue that could help us answer these questions. If you take the artifact home with you, or just move it to a different spot, you may have destroyed a clue to the past. Each artifact is not merely something to be held and examined; it is also a bit of information which, when taken together with other bits, allows us to unravel the mysteries of the past.

     The past that belongs to all of us. It is part of our heritage as
Americans and human beings. People who loot or vandalize archaeological or historic sites are stealing not only artifacts, but irreplaceable information; they are stealing our past.

     People who deface or loot historical sites, disturb Indian burials, or buy or sell grave goods can be fined or imprisoned under the Archaeological

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