National and Global Security Under the Realist Theory Essay

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National security undeniably has a preponderant place in the political, economical and military agenda of each state. Therefore, the state has a paramount responsibility in the contexts of its own domestic and transnational security. Whatever may be the way the state adopts in order to protect itself and its citizens, it needs to be accord with an international system. In this sense the state tends to follow a specific model in terms of international relations. Focuses in the case of western societies in general, and more specifically the United States as the iconic model of the western world, states tend to favour a realist perspective in terms of national security. Albeit, what is exactly the realism theory in the national security …show more content…
To do so the essay will cover four fundamental aspects: First, the strategic independence, second, the valuable power and third the democratic system. All of these aspects will be analytically condensed in a general context since the political, the economical, and the military angles. All of these angles provide significant understanding about the real reasons by which the western states bring enough relevance to independence, power, hegemony and democracy.
Strategic independence
By the time, the international system has demonstrated enormous lacunae in terms of the centralisation of political authority among the states. Furthermore, the western world believes that the lack of efficient authority has provoked that the states interact under conditions of anarchy . The concerns that produce anarchy in the international system spark the states to be strategically prepared to face any adventitious security threat . Because of that fact, the Western States tend to adopt high levels of independence in economic, politic and military developments under the legal principle of sovereignty. The states’ condition of independence straightforwardly provides them a wide range of self-determination in terms of national security . That independence strategically guarantees to the states a strong determination . To typify it, a clear exhibition of autonomy or independence

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