NASCAR: Not Just for Rednecks Essay

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NASCAR: Not Just for Rednecks

Generally when someone mentions NASCAR, one perceives a stereotypical image of mullets, beer bellies, or in easier terms a “redneck.” Societies’ general perception of a redneck is low income, rowdy, no civic interest, and someone who is not very intelligent. Little do they know this image is not exactly what you see at a NASCAR race. NASCAR includes a very wide variety of people. This is not fair for NASCAR fans to be put in this banal category. NASCAR has several non-redneck attributes.

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) was born in 1948. Bill France, the creator, had a dream. His dream was to create such a race that people for all over would come to see. In the
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Here you can win prizes or just get a good laugh from your audience. Sometimes at the souvenir trailers, you can catch a driver signing autographs. This is always exciting, because the drivers are always friendly and do not mind smiling for a picture. In a book I have From the Heart of Racing, a father tells about an evening when he was putting his child in bed. Here his son makes a comment which verifies my statement:

“When my second son, Joshua, was three years old, we read the Bible at night. I was trying to explain the Trinity to him, thinking I was doing a good job. I said ‘Christ is God, the son of God who came to live with us for a time. So he is God and the Man.’ Joshua spoke up and said, ‘No, no daddy. God is God and Earnhardt is the Man.’ How can you argue with a three year old? (14)

NASCAR also supports what is called Speedway Children’s Charities. This is an organization to help kids who are not as fortunate as others. At some races, they will have food drives where you can make a food or money donation. Usually at Bristol, they will sell raffle tickets for a shiny new Harley. During the Holidays, the BMS will have a display of over a million Christmas lights. All of the money raised from viewers goes directly to this organization.

There is also a side of the drivers that your general public does not get to see. Dale Earnhardt has several stories that show how wonderful of a

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